Did you notice? We tidied up.

If you didn’t notice, check out the URL above for this post: unbeknownst to you, you have been rerouted from DataUp to Data Pub. If you are still reeling from our first change (DCXL to DataUp), we apologize. Keep in mind, however, that change is good. Turn and face the strain.

The newest move is a harbinger of many changes that are coming up in the next eight days: on September 18, we will be releasing the DataUp tool! In preparation for this release, a little housekeeping needed to be done:

It’s time for DataUp housekeeping! From Flickr by clotho98

First, we created a lovely new website for DataUp (hat tip to the crackerjack team of user experience design folks here at the California Digital Library).  The new website will have all of the bells and whistles needed to fully enjoy DataUp: links to the add-in, the web application, users guides and documentation, and the code to name a few. Where should this website live? At dataup.cdlib.org, of course! But this requires a bit of musical chairs. So…

We are moving the DataUp blog (formerly the DCXL blog) to the Data Pub URL (datapub.cdlib.org). The CDL already has a blog residing at this URL, however it is in dire need of sustenance.  And let’s face it: although they are all data-related, many of the blog posts you’ve read here are not specific to the DataUp project. So as of now, Data Pub will be the official blog for all things data-related at CDL, but not exclusively related to DataUp. It will be written by yours truly (with the occasional guest post), so if you are hungry for more blog content with tenuous links to music and pop culture, then re-bookmark now.

On Tuesday next week, check out the new dataup.cdlib.org website. Stay tuned for the announcement blog post, found here on Data Pub! This URL/website will be re-branded Data Pub on Tuesday next week.

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