DataUp at #ESA2012

I’m spending this week in Portland to attend the Ecological Society of America’s annual meeting.  If you are a long-timer of the blog, you might remember I was at ESA last year to collect requirements for DataUp (then DCXL) and reported on data sharing among ecologists.  Unfortunately I’m not presenting on DataUp specifically, but rather I’m here to tout the merits of DataONE. (This includes serving as one of the DataONE booth babes).  I’m anxious to showcase DataUp to the ESA crowd, but our public release isn’t until September… so I’m resisting the urge to show off the tool.  With DataONE going live a few weeks ago, there is plenty to talk about with ESA attendees.

That said, there are all kinds of great things to see at ESA this week. DataONE sponsored a workshop on data management this past Sunday where there were quite a few questions about DataUp.  I also participated in a session on data management planning yesterday, and will take part in a panel discussion today over lunch about the culture of data sharing in Ecology.  Rest assured that DataUp will be mentioned during that discussion!  Other must-sees at ESA: the session I organized with Josh Tewksbury and Steph Hampton on the future of ecology (Wednesday) and the workshop on using R to find ecological data (Thursday).

If you happen to be at ESA this year, stop by the DataONE booth and say hello.  You can use the new ONE-Mercury search engine to search DataONE repositories for data, chat with me about DataUp, and eat tasty chocolates.

Despite the NSF requirement for data management plans, I get the feeling that folks still haven’t gotten on board with learning about data management and sharing.  It will be fun to attend #ESA2013, showcase DataUp, and see how the culture has evolved.

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