Fun Uses for Excel

Friday movie

"Excel can do WHAT?" Image from Friday (the movie), from

It’s Friday! Better still, it’s Friday afternoon!  To honor all of the hard work we’ve done this week, let’s have some fun with Excel.  Check out these interesting uses for Excel that have nothing to do with your data:

Want to see some silly spreadsheet movies? Here ya go.

Excel Hero: Download .xls files that create nifty optical illusions.  Here’s one of them.

From PCWorld, Fun uses for Excel, including a Web radio player that plays inside your worksheet (click to download the zip file and then select a station), or simulating dice rolls in case of a lack-of-dice emergency during Yatzee.

 Here’s the results of a Google Image Search for “Excel art:

excel art


Mona Lisa never looked so smart.  Want to know more? Check out the YouTube video tutorial or read Creating art with Microsoft Excel from the blog digital inspiration.


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